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This wiki is for documenting the rich history on the Civilization Wars Minecraft Server:


This wiki is for documenting history on Civilization Wars. Any player from Civilization Wars can start an article about their town, nation, and if they are a mayor or leader, themselves. Articles can be about towns, nations, landmarks, buildings, concepts, or anything else appropriate and related to Civilization Wars. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Wiki Guidelines

  1. For your security, an account is required to contribute.
  2. Do not vandalize any pages. Do not enter false information. Be objective and stick to the facts.
  3. Do not write articles about individual players unless the article has historic value.
  4. This is a space for history, for detailing conflicts, not a venue for hosting them. Keep this in mind.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your access to edit the wiki being limited, and possibly consequences in-game.

Getting Started

Getting Started


History of Civilization Wars

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