G "Order 66", was a controversial and extremely short-lasting order that was executed by President Coolsurdy in July of 2014. It was an order to spread the influence of Government and control over to other towns. President Coolsurdy and General jsexpress first attempted to annex Leadric, the gem of Vekta. G troops marched into Leadric after penetrating the city walls, and placed it under G control without a single clash with civilians. Shortly afterwards, President Coolsurdy came to realization he had made a terrible mistake. He quickly ended the annexation and withdrew all troops from Leadric, and on behalf of Government apologized to Vekta for his actions. Coolsurdy stated that annexing towns to increase power and wealth would go against G morals and values. Instead of ending the close relationship between Vekta and Government, coolsurdy desired to make peace.

Aftermath Edit

After the attempted annexation, G made a formal apology to Vekta. President BANANApeel65 of Vekta said he accepted the apology but shut down the Vektan embassy to G in the United-Jungles. G also shut down it's embassy in Vekta-City after orders from the Vektan government. G-Vektan relations were shut down for a few weeks, until being resumed shortly afterwords. G paid Vekta reparations worth of about $10,000 while relations were on pause.

Currently, both President Coolsurdy, President BANANApeel65, and Mayor TheSirWilliam of Leadric have all agreed to move on from the incident.

G change of Policy Edit

President Coolsurdy as well as the G Council made an order that would end G intervening in all global wars with no G interest. The law also said that G would appreciate the national sovereignty of every nation, even if the people of that nation requested international help. It was a big change for G to limit its influence internationally, but Coolsurdy said it was a step in the necessary direction to take. The order also stated that Government would not declare any wars without being attacked first, and end all G alliances, with the exception of "special cases."