Gaffy00's Miltia, also known as the Gaffy Miltia, Gaffy Regime, or simply "Gaffy", is a militant group comprised of several soldiers led by it's leader, Gaffy00.

Creation Edit

After the Siege of Raider's Roost by SoccerWarrior27, The Anglean Republic fell. Gaffy and his milita rellocated.

Conflicts Edit

Gaffy War Edit

Gaffy War is a conflict that was fought (October-November 2014) between several nations against Gaffy00's Miltia. The war started after Gaffy00's Miltia seized and took control of numerous towns, including Donzula, Dawnstar, and Whiterun. Both the union of nations against Gaffy and Gaffy00 have agreed on a ceasefire, but no formal treaty for peace has been written. Donzula, Dawnstar, and Whiterun remain under Gaffy occupation.

War of Gallia Edit

See main page, War of Gallia

Xray Allegations Edit

On November 22, DragonBuilder and Dyluzion were found xraying. At first most of the Gaffy militia was banned, due to the fact that Gaffy00, Brandon, and 582jackson participated in the xray by mining xrayed items, but it was later revealed they were tricked into by Dyluzion and DragonBuilder. These Xray allegations split up the Gaffy militia and while Gaffy00, Brandon, 582jackson, and CQ all ended up being unbanned, they did not continue with the same willpower as before.

Current Status Edit

Gaffy00's Miltia is currently occupying several towns that have been completely or partially taken over. These include Donzula, Dawnstar, and Whiterun. The towns have no value except for "sentimental value" according to dty2001, the previous owner of Dawnstar. DraconianWolf no longer needs Whiterun, and while Randall0208 wanted to regain Donzula, he deicieded to start over.

Gaffy has returned and has participated in the War of Gallia.