Mozartia Edit


Mozartia is a town belonging to the nation of United Republic of Penance or URP. Mozartia's Council consists of its most active members; ChandlerAustin, asexual_gnome, Gnomes_Are_Fake, and teejaze.

Creation Edit

Mozartia was a town created in January of 2015 by Coleander20. Mozartia had a short run of success as a Government town before it fell due to lack of funds in the town bank.

Former Mozartia Co-Mayor ChandlerAustin reestablished the town in February, 2016 and has brought the town to the nation of United Republic of Penance.

Residents Edit

  • ChandlerAustin
  • asexual_gnome
  • Gnomes_Are_Fake
  • teejaze
  • kikalanan
  • Thunderinghippo
  • Coleander20