Information and Description Edit

Relaxer is the current leader of HCF and its capital, Bestus. Having first joined the server mid-September, he was invited into the city of Warsaw, led by Mayor Pudmuffers and under the nation of Vita. He built a small plot littered with zombie heads to act as his humble new home. However, misfortune struck during the start of the Second Crusade, where Warsaw was attacked by Moosebobby and pillaged, earning its name as the "Rape of Warsaw."

Afterward, Relaxer was determined to find revenge. Grinding armor and weapons for many hours, he built himself up into a force not to be reckoned with. Even when Vita surrendered to Nexus forces, he, along with Warsaw, remained committed to the war effort. Under his guidance, Warsaw was able to prolong the war with minor losses and several surprising victories. In addition to attacks from Eshavala, Relaxer contributed to Nexus' eventual set curfew, which much of the rebellion considered a turning point in the war. Be that as it may, the war was a virtual stalemate, with varying losses on both sides, albeit in favor of Nexus who dominated the server during the day.

Still, Relaxer and his band of rebels continue to command the night. Lingering in the shadows, waiting for Nexus ( presently Drastia) to return and to finish what was started all those weeks ago.