Shwon was a nation that existed during Spring 2014 to Summer 2014. During it's time period, it was a somewhat powerful nation in defense, however lacking in defense infrastructure and a stable setup. Though recently in the Spring of 2015 and during the time of Gallia's renewed state of war, Shwon was reinstated as an association of militaristic towns as it was before, and is currently a more able and secure nation.

History Edit

After the fall of Gondor during the first stages of the Runa War and a small age of peace, in Spring 2014, Randall0208 created the new nation with the capital being Donzula.

Conflicts Edit

Siege of Avanon Edit

During the Siege of Avanon, Shwon troops invaded much of the nearby region, taking control of Avanon which included Dawnstar. It was a complete disaster for the side of Avanon, and a pure victory for previous 2014 Shwon. However, by the spring of 2015, Shwon no longer held control nor domain over the area that was once Avanon and the site of the battle.

Illuzional War Edit

During the IIlluzional War, IIlluzionist's Militia fought for control of the Dawnstar-Donzula region. Shwon was a major defender of the region, fighting against the Illuzional Regime. In the end of this war, they were successful against the warring militia.

2014 Shwon was also involved in the Gaffy War, though information over it is not entirely known aside from the fact that they were utterly defeated and Donzula taken by Gaffy. Thus Shwon's infamous reign ended.

In the Spring (May) of 2015, Lord clr reestablished the kingdom of Shwon and with him came several other friends who gave the new capital Donzula life again. Most notably however, Alettic (Soccerwarrior27) also joined Shwon.

Current Status Edit

It is involved in the Second Thilwohrian War alongside BixNood. However, the nation is small and only managed by randall.