The Siege of Old Teruel Edit

The Siege of Teruel was a long and fierce battle. At the time the Nation of Thilwohr was at its peak, their army had the size of atleast 13 people during the battle, they were up against 3 valliant warriors seeking to defend their home. These warriors bared small arms and unenchanted armor, even iron during the fight. Thilwohr however had men decked in diamond armor, the weakest armor there was prot 2 for the side of Thilwohr. Leading the battle was the fierce warrior jacop34 and behind him was his other greatest warriors. IamJustanIndian, gasserdude, and Cutepuppies. Each apart of the Uzkul group (Thilwohrs 7 best warriors) assaulted the city. They were followed by other militias, wearing prot 4, prot 3, and prot 2 armor. Jacop assaulted the wall planting TnT, though the plan backfired delaying the siege. This gave the defenders of the city more time to defend.

Minutes later Jacop planted another bomb and blew through the beautiful unfinished walls. The men charged through and flags were placed once again. A scout squadron lead by IamJustanIndian leading mozilla561, jonte262626(now known as Sukhmeet), and gasserdude all ran through the streets looking for the 3 defenders. After a while of scouting they were found on the walls shooting down their bows. Jacop soon came to the scout party and told Cutepuppies to continue claiming. Jacop enderpearled over the the defenders and he killed one or two. The other defender got away. The chase became intense as they all chased after the fleeing defender of Teruel. The defender was not found again until the near end of the battle as the Thilwohrian Army neared the center of the city.

As the army was a claim away from the homeblock the defenders regrouped and attacked the Thilwohrian army. It was no match for the force Thilwohr brought to the battle however. Losing many belongings the defenders of Tereul had lost the battle as Jacop claimed the home block of Teruel. The old city of Tereul still exists, but due to glitched towny chunks it cannot be claimed or unclaimed, making it worthless.

Cause of the Battle Edit

The cause of this mighty battle was a mistake. Thilwohr mistaked another taco's name for attacking Thorduar (Thilwohrs capital). PIRANHA_E was very sorry for what had happened along with the rest of the army. After that the nation of Aragon restarted their great city in another location. "It was all a mistake, the battle was meant to never of taken place," says mozilla561, right hand man of PIRANHA_E.