Basic Information & Description Edit

Wolfs, Government
Vital statistics
Type Major city
Level Dead
Location Near Vekta City
Inhabitants Once 40+
Wolfs was a heavily populated city within the nation of Government. The city was established in December of 2013 after the arrival of leobiba, it's current mayor, and quickly became one of the dominant and most influential cities in Government and on the server. It eventually fell into ruin, and is today claimed by the Government cities of Reign and United-Jungles.

It was formed only a few hundred blocks from it's close ally, Vekta City, which allowed for greater trade and growth. The city was also known for perhaps the first automatic gate, as well as it's once famous PvP arena. Many often came to visit the city for it's many shops, and the city made up much of Government military forces.

History of Wolfs Edit

As stated above, Wolfs was formed by leobiba in December of 2013. The city was originally known as Hermits.

  • War breaks out between Hermits (Wolfs) and the nation of Government. In the end, Government forces prevail and leobiba surrenders to G.
  • Hermits is renamed to Wolfs, and the city joins Government.
  • Experiences exponential growth.
  • Involved in the War of Runa, and resisted Runa invasion.
  • The great city begins it's slow decline in late spring of 2014.
  • Wolfs falls into ruin in December of 2015- the same month of its creation two years ago.